Topbucks Pink Visual use SexGoesMobile

Mobile adult affiliate program announced a strategic partnership with Pink Visual, a premier hardcore adult content provider for the iPhone and other compatible mobile devices via their websites, and is the market-leading developer of the mobile webcam chat solution soon to be offered on Pink Visual mobile sites such as and The video chat solution supports over 8000 mobile devices and offers SMS billing in over 25 countries, eliminating the need for a customer to enter credit card information.

Pink Visual will be offering this new mobile webcam chat feature within the member areas of their sites, offering every member access to over 1000 live chat hosts with approximately 100 active hosts operating at any given time. Members who take advantage of this exciting new feature will be charged an additional per minute rate over and above their standard membership fee, with customers expected to spend about an average of $80 per month on the mobile webcam chat.

In addition, SexGoesMobile’s built in SMS billing capability will support Pink Visual’s efforts to increase market share in regions like Europe where credit card penetration averages only about 25%.

SexGoesMobile allows users in those territories to pay for this service with a single click on their mobile devices and without the need of a credit card. The mobile webcam chat application also supports alternative payment methods to SMS, such as credit card or direct debit.

According to Allison Vivas, president of Pink Visual, this partnership will successfully support Pink Visual in maximizing their mobile revenue by up-selling mobile webcam chat into a global market.

“We’re very pleased to be partnered with SexGoesMobile in this endeavor, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship that enables Pink Visual to expand its reach into key European markets,” said Vivas. “SexGoesMobile and Pink Visual are both leaders in our respective areas of the adult industry, and I’m confident that we’ll have great success working together.”

Christian Kreul , CEO of SexGoesMobile echoes that statement.

“We’ve been observing the U.S. mobile adult market for awhile now and believe Pink Visual to be one of the premier adult companies offering mobile services,” stated Kreul. “ We believe this partnership is the perfect synergy for both our companies. By integrating our product and billing methods, Pink Visual’s mobile sites will generate more revenue as most people in Europe and countries outside the U.S. prefer paying for adult content on their mobile phone bill rather than by credit card. With our services in place, we expect Pink Visual to start generating revenues from countries with credit card penetration rates as low as 5%”.

SexGoesMobile is headquartered in Germany with over 10 years experience in the mobile industry as one of Europe’s leading mobile adult companies. They deliver mobile solutions for every need from individuals to large companies.

Pink Visual’s flagship mobile sites are, and All three are available for promotion by webmasters through the advertising program.

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