Top 10 mobile subwebmaster hunter from SGM raylle

Hi SGM Webmaster,

here are the results from the subwebmaster raylle, (12am german time 21th april 2011)
We have still more than 2 month and from my point of view, the race is still really open. With 1 good subwebmaster you can easy come into the top 5 and get one of our nice prices.

If you need help or any kind of informations, contact me easy per icq or skype
ICQ: 572278772
Skype: SGM_Andy

I wish you all happy eastern
Andy Wullmer

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One Response to Top 10 mobile subwebmaster hunter from SGM raylle

  1. Markul says:

    Great promo, how is the race going now? Ie. can we get some updated results? 🙂

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