How to create a Branding in the SGM admin area ?

The branding is our whitelabel solution, and can be used as a campaign management
You can design your mobile template and all sexgoesmobile products in the same style of
your website. Also you get for every website branding a individual linkID, so you can see the success of each website.

Login at
1. Click on advanced in the top menu and after this on branding – more
2. Click on “Create New Branding”
3. Enter a name for your branding, (use your domain name)
4. This is the design part of your Branding, enter the url of your mobile template
( choose your text and background color and upload a rated 16 top banner ( 320 px to 60 px ) and press the “Save and Back” button.
5. You created your first Branding and get the LinkId which you have to use in the
index.php of the mobile template.

watch branding video here

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