How to change the content shown on my mobile SGM paysite template?

For Webmaster which use our templates, like cyberotic, titstube, teentube etc. and allready made custom work on it for seo reason and link building its sometime difficult to change the template to a new portal, because it cause a lot of work to pass all the seo work and design allready made on the previous template.

So if you want to change easy the preview thumbs to new fresh portal or other niche content, we have a easy solution for it.

First open the template.php and template_nosmart.php of your mobile template.
Take a look at line 21/22

// First BIG Video
$ContentDataURL = ‘’.$replacePid.’&quantity=4&portal=15&clientip=′;

Important is only the part “portal=15” you can change this number to one of these from the list below and your template will change automaticly the thumbs to another niche portal of your choice.

14    Funny Videos
15    Adult Stars (cyberotic)
16 PG 12 Videos
18    Gay Videos
19    lesben Videos
20    outdoor Videos
21    Tits Videos
26    Fetish Videos
38    Granny Videos
43    Tranny Videos
59    Teen Videos
61    Milf Videos
69    Fat Videos
141  Ex Girlfriend
171  Blond Gils
175  Black Sex
173  Voyeur Sex

So you have also a good way to test which content converts best on your website.

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