geoip mobile device detection script

If you want to redirect only traffic from certain countries, you can use our php detection and manage the traffic per geoip mod on your server.

For all Webmaster that don´t have this geoip mod on there server we have a special version with options to include country codes.

How to install

1. open the geoweiche.php and in line 4 set your mobile destination link for example ( , than copy the hole code from geoweiche.php and past it in the first line of your index.php of your website.
2. upload the mobile_detection.php in the same root folder of the index.php of the website.

How to edit the country codes

In line 7 you will find this line
$sendToSGM = array( ‘DEU’,’AUT’, ‘CHE’ );
you have to include the Nato country code for each country you want
The standard allready incude germany, austria, switzerland
More code you find here Nato Country Codes

Download the geoip mobile detection here


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