Andy Wullmer “Business man of the year 2017” @ GFY

Hi thanks everybody supporting me at GFY

Lets rock it together 2017 again 🙂

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SGM GFY Winner 2015




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Las Vegas Internext GFY Awards nominations

SexgoesMobile has been nominated again in various categories

Best Mobile Company
– Sex Goes Mobile

GFY Businessman of the Year
– Andy Wullmer, Sex Goes Mobile

Affiliate Manager of the Year
-Jose Wiesner, Sex Goes Mobile

Best Affiliate Program
– Sex Goes Mobile

Innovative Company of the Year
– Sex Goes Mobile

Thanks for the nominations and hopefully many votes.

cu in Vegas 🙂
Andy Wullmer and Jose Wiesner

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SGM bought Interview with Washington Internet Daily

There’s “huge interest” in adult content on mobile phones, SGM Media CEO Andy Wullmer told us. Earlier this month, he bought from ICM Registry for $160,000 and plans to dedicate the site to offering the first all-encompassing .xxx destination for mobile devices, the registry said. SGM (SexGoesMobile) offers only legal adult content, and owns all the rights to the material, Wullmer said. But since all the products use direct telephone billing through the phone provider,
it never shows hardcore content, he said. In most European countries SGM shows only softcore video material, which falls under the Pan European Game Information rating “16” — applied to content where the depiction of sexual activity “looks the same as would be expected in real life” — while in most Asian and Arabic nations it shows only glamour video and images, he said. In the U.S., there’s only a dating platform which requires user registration and a credit card for age verification. The experience of, SGM’s best-known product, shows an enormous interest in accessing adult material on mobile, he said: Mobile phones are still very private spaces, unlike a PC at home. SGM is seeing more than 30,000 sales a day through its global affiliates, he said. In addition, a trawl through Google Mobile Search and keywords shows that sex and porn are the most often used search terms, he said. “With the newest generation of smartphones and the fast distribution worldwide the market is already big and growing very fast,” he said. Asked whether and how the registry will ensure that adult content is segregated on mobile.
xxx, CEO Stuart Lawley said: “We don’t.” All the .xxx suffix does is indicate the likelihood of the kind of content to be found on an underlying website, he told us. All active .xxx sites are owned by validated members of the worldwide adult entertainment industry, he said. Sale of hasn’t triggered any complaints or concerns, unlike the turmoil the .xxx top-level domain (TLD) created, he said. Asked how the TLD is doing, Lawley said, “Just fine.” Domain name registration renewals “came out in line with expectations so .xxx performance in comparison with other newly introduced TLDs compares very favorably.” — DS

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SexGoesMobile actual conversion country list

here the actual country list which we convert for mobile traffic.

Argentina ARG AR
Australia AUS AU
Austria AUT AT
Belize BLZ BZ
Bolivia BOL BO
Chile CHL CL
Columbia COL CO
Czech Republic CZE CZ
Ecuador ECU EC
El Salvador SLV SV
Finnland FIN FI
France FRA FR
Germany DEU DE
Guatemala GTM GT
Honduras HND HN
Ireland IRL IE
Italy ITA IT
Kenia KEN KE
Malaysia MYS MY
Mexico MEX MX
Netherland NLD NL
New Zealand NZL NZ
Nicaragua NIC NI
Nigera NGA NG
Norway NOR NO
Panama PAN PA
Paraguay PRY PY
Philippien PHL PH
Polen POL PL
Russia RUS RU
Saudi Arabien SAU SA
Singapore SGP SG
South Africa ZAF ZA
Spain ESP ES
Sri lanka LKA LK
Sweden SWE SE
Switzerland CHE CH
Thailand THA TA
Turky TUR TR
United Arabic Emirates ARE AE
United Kingdom GBR GB
Urugauy URY UY
Venezuela VEN VE

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SexGoesMobile won the GFY and YNOT Awards 2012 for “Best Mobile Company”

Thanks to our Webmaster and Partner voting for us.

And the winner is again SexGoesMobile – Rock the Mobile Market with us 🙂




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SexGoesMobile won the 1st round of the GFY Awards votings, now starts the 2nd round

The 1st round voting of the GFY Awards 2012 is finished.
won the category.
Thanks to our webmasters, partners and friends which voted for us.
Best mobile company of the year:
so after the award from 2011 we are again the best mobile affiliate program of the world.

Andy´s SexGoesMobile Team won the public voting for the GFY Award in the category
Affiliate Manager of the year:
He won this price also in the year 2011 and this shows, how good the support of the
SGM Team really is. 🙂

Please support SGM also in the 2nd round of the GFY Award voting !
Click on the Banner and you get directly to the right poll, Thanks a lot !

sgm best mobile company

Go for SexGoesMobile

affiliate manager

go for Andy SexGoesMobile






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SGM nominated for “Best Mobile Company” at GFY and YNOT Awards

We are pleased to announce that SexGoesMobile has been nominated for the category
“Best Mobile Company” again. Last year we got both Awards, voted by you our webmaster community.

During the Webmaster Access in Amsterdam the GFY Awards will be presented on 09/22/2012. You can help us to win this Award if you vote for us!
The voting process takes place on the GFY website, but requires an existing account GFY account. Check out the voting:

and Andy Wullmer as “Affiliate Manager of the year”

3 days later, on 09/25/2012, the YNOT Awards will be presented Prague during the European Summit. Again, we are nominated for best mobile company and you can vote for us. Simply follow this link:

We are pleased to be nominated and thank you for your support!

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New Subscription Products in Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary.

SexGoesMobile has introduced new payment systems with subscription payments in Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary.
The completion rates are 1 to 100 and with the new recurring billing, the market is very interesting. Currently, the traffic is still very cheap, at the various dealers to buy traffic.
So the first people in can save even more and enjoy effective and long-term profits.
 These countries are available to all Sexgoesmobile partners with no additional integration work required at their end.
The traffic can be sent as usual on the white label templates that guide the visitors through the Geo-detection in the right language to the correct payment flows.

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Implementation of the “button” solution due to the new regulations in Germany 08/01/2012

On 03.02.2012 the German Parliament passed the so-called “button solution” as part of several amendments to the Civil Code (BGB).
The law, which comes into force on 01.08.2012, enforces the labelling of the order button, for online sales and enforces the future requirements in the design of the formal ordering process.
SexGoesMobile has foreseen all these changes and we will make the needed adjustments, in order to continue as the market leader of the erotic mobile market in Germany. As a result, on 08.01.2012 our ordering process will change to reflect the new regulations.
As a webmaster you need not change anything on your pages.

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